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Flex Able Certification

What are the business benefits of flexibility?

In a recent Australian survey commissioned by Airtasker, 38% of those surveyed indicated that flexibility was more important to them than pay when looking for work.

The study also found 81.5%, up from 76% in 2015, of people surveyed agreed that the traditional employment model of the 9am to 5pm office job was inflexible for workers in 2016 and into the future.
In addition, research by PwC found that increasing the female employment rate in Australia to match that of Sweden, for example, could result in a GDP boost of about $162 billion at today's values over the long run.
But despite numerous business benefits of flexibility including increased productivity, savings in real estate, lower turnover and increased innovation, less than 50% of non-public sector organisations with over 100 employees offer and support flexible work. The issue is, many organisations claim to offer flexibility, but don’t actually walk the talk.


How can you tell which employer is truly walking the talk?

At DCC we’re all about making it easy for female job seekers to identify the best places to work for women, and evaluate companies before applying.
Flexible working is not just for mothers returning to work but for those with other caring commitments, health reasons, sporting interests, people looking for an alternative to retirement and those pursuing side projects. Companies with the most engaged workforces offer flexibility and are focused on creating an inclusive culture where the reason for needing flexibility does not matter. 
Flex Able Certification is awarded to organisations after a careful examination of when, where and how the company's employees work to ensure flexible work options are a reality.


The results for employers

Flex Able Certified Employers stand out by positioning themselves as providing a truly flexible environment and candidates are assured they’re able to discuss working flexibly up front at the interview stage. We’ve had tremendous results for corporate clients, in particularly in non-traditional industries who have been transparent about how they support women’s careers- the Flex Able Certification is for those who place a strong focus on flexibility in addition to being an employer of choice for women.
If your organisation would like to enquire about becoming Flex Able Certified, please get in touch with us today.

Flex Able Certified Employers